A build packages a component’s source code into an OCI artifact, and stores it in your organization’s local OCI registry. Each deploy of the component will begin by syncing a build artifact from the org registry to an install’s registry.

Creating a Build

Creating a build is simple.

nuon builds create -c {component_id}

Monitoring Builds

Once a build has been created, you can view its status using the CLI.

nuon builds get -c {component_id} -b {build_id}

Debugging Builds

If a build fails, you can look at the logs to see why.

nuon builds logs -c {component_id} -b {build_id}

Build log retention is 24 hours, but you can still see metadata about the logs by passing in the --json flag.

If the issue is not apparent from the logs, or there are no logs, look at the build plan for more information. A plan is created for each build, and it contains all the information used to execute the build job.

The build plan is a JSON object, so we recommend using JQ to format it for readability.

nuon builds print-plan -c {component_id} -b {build_id} | jq