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🚀 Configure, install, and run your app in your customer's cloud in minutes with Nuon.
Nuon enables you to run any application in your customer's cloud. In just a few minutes, you can deploy your application and start running in every one of your customer's cloud accounts — offering them a faster, more secure solution.
Nuon works in three easy steps:
  • Configure - connect the parts of your application such as containers, Helm charts, or Terraform modules. If Nuon does not support a part of your stack today, you can build a plugin to connect it, instead of having to refactor your application.
  • Install - you can install your application in one customer's or a million customers' clouds. Each install is fully automated, self-managing and all your customer has to do is give you a one-time use IAM role.
  • Run - Nuon runs a secure agent in each install that powers deployments, updates and operations. The agent gives you the tools you need to understand and remediate the health of your application.
Running our app in our customer's cloud account basically side stepped a bunch of tough compliance and security problems for both them and us.
— CTO, Series-C Data Startup
Last modified 4mo ago