Connecting Nuon with your Version Control System (VCS) will give Nuon the ability to use your code when configuring your application. In this guide we’ll use the Nuon CLI to connect your Nuon Org to a GitHub account or repository and verify the connection is working by listing the connected repositories.

You may want to update an existing GitHub connection (e.g. add a new repository to the connection). To do this follow the steps below, make the updates with in the GitHub connection flow and your existing connection should be updated.

Select an Org

Because a VCS connection is scoped to your Nuon Org you’ll need to login using the CLI and select the Org you want to use.

nuon login
nuon orgs select

Alternatively if you already have an existing CLI session you can just verify the Org is correct before you start the connection flow.

nuon orgs current

Start the connection flow

Now that you’re logged in with a valid Org selected you’ll want to kick off the GitHub connection flow with the CLI.

nuon orgs connect-github

This command will open a tab in your browser asking you to install Nuon Connect app into your GitHub account.

Select GitHub access

At this point you’ll follow the GitHub connection flow, selecting an account to install Nuon Connect and selecting which repositories Nuon can have access to.

Select GitHub account Select which GitHub account to want to install Nuon Connect

Select repos Select which repos Nuon Connect can have access to

After you’ve selected which repositories Nuon Connect can access you’ll be redirected to the Nuon web app. If the connection was a success you’ll see either a success message or you’ll be redirected back to the Nuon web app if you have an active web session.

Verify connection works

At this point you can close the browser tab and verify everything is correct in the terminal via the CLI.

nuon orgs list-vcs-connections
nuon orgs list-connected-repos

If the connection was successful you should see a list on connected GitHub accounts and a list of connected repositories that you can now use to configure you’re application in Nuon.