Creating BYOC installs are free, and Nuon meters usage for using our suite of day-2 operations tooling.

Plans and Features

It is free to get started with Nuon, and you can start by connecting your application and creating your first install without putting in a credit card. We have several tiers, to support different use cases and requirements.

AWS IAM Role Delegation-
Unlimited Installs
Unlimited Apps-
Custom Sandboxes-
Runner Diagnostic Scripts
Logs and Metrics Exporting
Dedicated Support Channel-
Slack App Notifications-
API Access
Installer Access

Runner Usage

Each install is deployed with a Nuon managed runner, that is used to monitor, update and manage your application running in an end-customer’s cloud account.

Nuon provides you the ability to collect logs, metrics and run custom diagnostic scripts to ensure your application is working. We charge by metering the usage of data transfer/storage and executing diagnostics.

UnitDescriptionFree TierGrowth TierBusiness TierEnterprise Tier
Runner Diagnostics MinutesNumber of minutes (rounded to the .25) that custom runner diagnostics scripts were executed.1000 included$0.1/minute$0.2/minuteGet in touch
Metrics EventsNumber of metrics captured by the runner.1000 included$0.1/1000$0.2/1000Get in touch
Log CaptureLog data in GB captured and exported by the runner.2GB included$0.2/GB$0.4/GBGet in touch
Forwarded DataComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon

If you would like a better estimate for usage of your application, please get in touch. We are happy to share estimates for different application stacks and talk through different scenarios.

Committed Usage

We offer generous discounts for committed service usage on both a quarterly and annual basis. Committed service usage allows you to purchase units up front, for a discount. Unused usage gets rolled over into the next term automatically. Any overages will use the default list price for each unit.

Please contact us to get started.

Enterprise Contracts

We offer custom, case-by-case enterprise contracts and have several different options for larger commitments. Please reach out to learn more.

Self-Hosted / BYOC Deployments

In most cases, we recommend starting with Install Access Delegation to prevent customer’s having to share one-time access with Nuon for installs.

However, for enterprise contracts we offer a self-hosted and BYOC deployment option for the Nuon platform.