The CLI is your primary interface to the Nuon platform.



We publish an official tap you can install with Homebrew.

brew install nuonco/tap/nuon

After installation, you may need to refresh your shell session.

source ~/.bashrc # or ~/.zshrc, etc.

You can also enable autocomplete for you shell. Run nuon completion to see what shells we support.

source <(nuon completion <your-shell>)

Manage Binaries Directly

If you are not using Homebrew, you can dowload the binaries for MacOS or Linux:

  • darwin_amd64
  • darmin_arm64
  • linux_arm
  • linux_arm64
  • linux_386
  • linux_amd64

Binaries are published to, and versioned by release. To download a binary, first look up the current API version, and then download the current binary for your platform.

To look up the current API version:


To download the binaries for a specific version, substitute the version and platform into the following URL:$VERSION/nuon_${PLATFORM}

An example of downloading version 0.19.19 of the CLI for darwin_arm64:

wget -o nuon

Once the binary has been downloaded remember to make it executable.

chmod +x nuon


We release new version of the CLI frequently, so we recommend updating it weekly.

Debug Mode

In the case that something goes wrong, you can set the environment variable NUON_DEBUG to print verbose logs. These can be helpful to share with us, while debugging any issues.

NUON_DEBUG=true nuon apps list