This guide will walk you through setting up an organization, configuring an application, and deploying to an install. Once you have completed it, you will be ready to configure and deploy your own app.

Install the CLI

brew install nuonco/tap/nuon

If you are not using Homebrew, refer to our CLI documentation for other installation options.

Create an Account

Once you have installed the Nuon CLI, create a Nuon account by logging in.

nuon login

Follow the prompts in the browser and login using a Google account. Once you’ve logged in you can verify your API token with the nuon orgs api-token command. You should also now have a config file at ~/.nuon. Values saved to this file will be used as CLI flag defaults.

Create an Organization

Now that you are logged in you can create an organization.

nuon orgs create --name {your-org-name}

Select the organization to start using it.

nuon orgs select

Confirm you have selected the correct organization.

nuon orgs current

Connect your GitHub Account

To deploy code from private repos you will need to connect to your GitHub account or organization.

nuon orgs connect-github

Confirm the repo is connected.

nuon orgs list-connected-repos

Create an App

Now that you are set up, the next step is to configure and deploy an app. We have tutorials for the most popular architectures and platforms.