Installs are instances of an application in a customer cloud account.

What is an Install?

An install is an instance of an application running in a customer cloud account. When an install is created, each component in your application will be deployed in the correct order, alongside a runner which is responsible for managing the software.

Install Lifecycle

When an install is created, the following components are provisioned:

  • sandbox - the base infrastructure for networking and compute.
  • runner - the Nuon managed runner that manages the install.
  • components - the parts of your application.

When an install is deleted, each component will be deleted in reverse order, according to its dependencies, and then the runner and sandbox are destroyed.

Install Management

The cli exposes many operational commands to manage an install.

To see all available commands, run: nuon installs --help.

Pinning an Install

You can pin an install, which will set it’s ID as a default argument to all install commands. This is helpful to avoid having to pass -i to each command.

nuon installs select

Each example below assumes you have run nuon installs select first.

To show the currently pinned install:

nuon installs current

Install Management Commands

Commands for creating, deleting and viewing installs.

Create an install - create an install for an AWS application, passing in one or more inputs.

Creating Azure installs is currently only supported using an installer, or our API.

nuon installs create  \
  --name=install \
  --region=us-east-1 \
  --role=iam-role \

Delete an install - delete an install

nuon installs delete 

List all installs - list an install

nuon installs list

Get an install - get an install

nuon installs get

Install Sandbox Commands

Commands for working with an install’s sandbox.

Show sandbox updates - show all updates to an install sandbox.

nuon installs sandbox-runs

Show sandbox run logs - show logs for a specific sandbox run.

nuon installs sandbox-run-logs -r <run-id>

Reprovision a sandbox - reprovision the sandbox with the latest configured sandbox version for an app.

nuon installs reprovision

Deprovision a sandbox - deprovision a sandbox.

nuon installs deprovision

Install Components

Each component is deployed to an install when it is first created. When a component is created after an install has been provisioned, it will automatically be deployed to it upon the first release.

The Nuon CLI provides the following commands to manage install components:

Each example here assumes you have run nuon installs select first.

Show Deploys - show deploys for an install.

nuon installs list-deploys

Deploy Logs - print logs for a deploy.

nuon installs deploy-logs -d <deploy-id>

Deploy Plan - print a deploy plan for an install.

nuon installs print-deploy-plan -d <deploy-id>

Deploying to a specific install

While iterating on your application’s configuration it can be helpful to deploy to a single install, you can do this by creating a release and targeting a single install id.

nuon releases create -i <install-id> -c <component>