Nuon is a platform that provides infra to create a BYOC offering. Our platform is designed for teams to adopt quickly, offer multiple deployment options and integrate into their product in a self-serve way.

To learn more about the requirements of building a BYOC offering, check out our related blog post.

Time to Market

Nuon enables you to create a BYOC offering in minutes, instead of having to build this yourself. Out of the box, Nuon enables a secure, full-featured BYOC offering that allows you to start deliving to your customer’s cloud account in minutes:

  • can use your existing application and infrastructure code
  • can support customer configuration.
  • can build into your product.

Your Prod

no developer tax

White Label

Nuon is designed to be a completely white label solution. Your customers will never have to learn Nuon, or know that Nuon is managing your BYOC application.

Support Multiple Flavors

Out of the box, Nuon is designed to enable you to offer multiple deployment options or “flavors” of your BYOC app. With Nuon, you can define customer provided inputs for configuration, support shared-responsibility deployments and multiple cloud providers.

Supporting multiple flavors of BYOC enable you to unlock new customers in minutes, without having to build support yourself.

Production Integration

Nuon allows you to create a fully self service or automated BYOC offering with our SDKs. Nuon SDKs allow you to create and manage installs, update customer configuration and more.


Each Nuon install uses a sandbox to define and provision the base layer infrastructure. This is advantageous, because it creates a layer of isolation between your application and the underlying infrastructure and enables customer customization.

Nuon has managed sandboxes, which are open source. Sandboxes can be audited by customers, customized by customers or even provided by customers (by creating a custom sandbox.

Furthermore, in many cases sandboxes can be used to create a shared responsiblity model where customers provide VPC or compute infrastructure.

Runner Architecture

Nuon deploys a runner into each install to manage it. The runner is responsible for the following:

  • monitoring the install + powering day 2.
  • updating and installing all software running there.

The runner architecture is more secure by design because it does not require cross account permissions after initial install, removes any need for ingress into the account, and is the only system that can modify the customer’s install.

Day 2 Operations

Nuon’s runner architecture enables a day 2 operations which allow you to offer a “hosted” like experience, for BYOC customers.

Currently, Nuon supports the following types of day 2 operations:

  • build and deploy logs.
  • fetching container logs.
  • monitoring application containers and infrastructure.
  • running operational commands such as migrations, and more.
  • selectively updating specific installs.

Furthermore, as you update your product, Nuon has primitives to selectively release to customers or do “staged” installs where you deploy to certain installs first, before updating all of your customers.

Customer Trust

Nuon enables you to earn your customer’s trust easier with your BYOC offering.

Nuon integrates best practices for running BYOC software, such as the runner architecture, release patterns and the sandbox architecture. This can help you unlock larger customers, and Nuon’s documentation can help you sell BYOC, as well as go through procurement.

Furthermore, Nuon can be deployed into your own cloud account, so that customer installs do not require touching Nuon infrastructure at all.

SOC 2 and other certifications

SOC 2 and other certifications are no longer enough for companies selling into the enterprise, and many customers are demanding BYOC offerings of their product in addition to these certificates.

Integrating with Nuon enables you to create a BYOC offering overnight, unlocking these customers.